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Started her classical ballet career in Tokyo Ballet Company, ballet school special course. After an experience with the contemporary dance , the circus staff, begun her activities with a physical expression by Rhythm Tap Dancing in 1994. In 2000, the unit 'Djembe&Tap Skippoi', the ethnic instrument and tap dancing started ,obtained Tokyo Metropolis Heaven Artists' License. The unit is invited as an audience participation type rhythm performance artist from each place in a country, which works are created as the original choreograph.

As the individual activities , does the supervising for a Tap dancing experience lecture 'Ashiotoga-kikoeru' , guidance and choreographic works which anyone can enjoy. It is topical and unique tryout, that anyone can experience rhythm closely by substituting tap dancing for the sound of the life, also an experiment is piled up about the performance and the possibility of tap as a music.

After 2006 , collaborated works with flamenco, classical marimba. performing artist, and musicians as an impromptu performance, and entertainment works as well is developed.

A main performance participates:

1993 - 1994 participated in the street performance and pantomime stage
     'Image ・ Cine ・ Circus' (auspices/ Mugon Geki Company / in Shinjuku Space Zero)
1995 - 1997 regularly performed as a member of Tap Unit "Tap Kid's Special"
     [Kawasaki Club Citta, Shibuya Crocodile]

2001 - 2008 As for the main activities as "Djembe&Tap Skippoi", participates in ;

2007 "Eco-Life Fair" (the Environment Agency auspices/Yoyogi park, 2003),
2008 "The 77th new infant education lecture" (auspices/ juridical person foundation for
    educational reseach institute of child/Tsuda Hall,2004)
    ・"Konnitiwa-Itto-Rokken(Metropolitan TV program of NHK,2004)" appeared on live
    performance and workshop.
2009 "National Cultual Festival"[auspices/Cultual Agency/"Tobiume2004","Tokusima2007"]
    ・Other performances/ Corporative events, Kindergartens, Museums

2006-2007 Unit "Fujisanz" flamenco & Tap dance 'Kagami-no-o-to vol.1 - 4' performance at
(Tokyo November・Elevens, Kamakura Magokoro, Sapporo Zamon-tei and Fukuoka Los Pinchos)

2007-2008 participated in CD 『The Beat and Sound of the Marimba /Piazolla』
Performed in [Marimba Festival 2007/Daiiti-Seimei Hall]

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